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Rubbish In Rubbish Out. Your colon is one of the main reason why you are constipated. The earlier you take action to cleanse and detox your gut, the easier it will be for you to start lighten up and feeling great.


It focuses on detox and removing all the colon toxin that hasn't been able to remove out from the body's colon system. Especially if you are not a vegetable eater or water drinker, your gut has accumulated too much colon toxin for the past years. Click the video to learn more from the APPLE TREE Principle. 

So what is Smoothe FiberGo? What is it made of? Are the ingredients used natural? Is it safe to use? Click the video to learn more. 

After you have become a Smoothe FiberGo user, with your user experience, we would like to invite you to become our Smoothe FiberGo Affiliate Influencer by sending us a short ONE minute video or 3 selfie Photos of you holding Smoothe FiberGo with a short story sharing your user experience so that we can help more people to solve their gut and colon constipation problems.  

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100% Safe and Natural & effective

Our Smoothe FiberGo formulation has been helping our clients detox and removing their colon toxin from the gut for the past 17 years across different countries from USA to Asia Pacific regions. International Quality assured and certified across 3 different countries.

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How to use Smoothe FiberGo?

Fill in 150ml of room temperature water, Shake it and drink it immediately. Do not let it settle outside for more than 1 minute because it will become jelly. Takes effect in 8-9hrs. Always take the night before so that in the morning after drinking enough water, all your bowel movement will be very smooth. Cleaning out your gut, removing your colon toxin, solving your constipation problem has never been so smooth.  


Good news. You don't have to go broke to solve your constipation related problems by detoxing and

cleaning out colon toxin from your gut .

All the prices above are in Singapore Dollars.


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